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Pretty good for a first :)

A couple tips for your future games:
1 - Include an instructions screen, or simply have the game start with the first level. Four separate panels that all say "Press enter" says something's either missing or malfunctioning, and that screen can simply be left out.
2 - Falling back levels might be part of the game element, but without an instructions screen or a "this game is hard" warning, the game winds up simply being frustrating - it looks like it should be easy.

Nice game, but there's one thing that could really spice it up:
The shield-hit tone having more variety, rather than just being the same sound and tone each time.

Pretty cool, like the style.

There is one big thing this game could benefit from though: Music. A few more sounds per animation wouldn't hurt either. But, apart from that, nice work.

"Uh... this... isn't what it looks like.... it's a science project..."
Classic. The worst I can relate to may just be that fractal poster, but the sense of hiding freedoms makes this game for me.

To break it up just a little:

The graphics, color scheme, and general style make for excellent proof that quality aesthetics need not be super-high resolution; the Flash quality, slightly pixelated look quality actually enhances the feel of the game, adds to its surrealism.

Overall, however, what I love the most about this game is that elusive adventure quality; you can find plenty of iPad apps that are like, "hey, come play this! It has such-and-so and we're better than such and so!" and are a tad short of begging you to experience their work.


Instead, here is one of those games that does little to nothing to help you on the way; you die three or four times in one mechanic before you realize there's a completely different mechanic you need to close the door; you die several times in the fire, but once you figure out that you need to time yourself between water and fire, doesn't it sure feel like you've made some kind of leap -- more leap in a flash game than many make in their daily jobs in real life. Walking from one end of the hall in this game has more of that quality experience than most apps have when you cross galaxies.

Long live <redacted>!!

Though I'm a die-hard rhythm game guy by heart, I can definitely say with little to no bias that this one fits the bill for uniquity.

I particularly like the instant-restart function for when I *bleep!* up, which I did quite a bit before I got the feel of it. My favorite bit is this new concept of visually denoting what a "rhythm" will be by the way simple squares in a path change course.

I am Grandiose Kitty, the Vegan King, destined to shoot gold pieces at Starscream.


Excellent! I wonder, being in such a profession myself, if it is possible to make a game like this with combination vehicles (Maybe even hooking trailers up?), that would be so cool...

Analysis: The car is reasonable performance, handles reasonably well, though slightly sluggish. Brakes are abysmally far below standards and make the car harder to slow down than a cement laden double tractor-trailer combination. Noteworthy; the test drive was subject to surprisingly high levels of third-party idiocy. Clear skies, midnight.

Some things that come into my mind in the way of ideas: Gear shifting, switching highways/roads, stop-lights, and semi-trailer trucks. Doubtless these and more are likely already in the works since this is a demo, but here's my little input anyway. I like where this is going.

UltimoGames responds:

thanks for the review!

I like :)

If you wanted to take it a step or two further you might try adding snapping to it; perhaps making some interactivity besides moving the stuff around, but it's quite nice as is.

Perhaps, if you've got ambitions for it, this could be turned into one of those make-a-room-and-share-it-with-others affairs :)

Well, I got the full version of Flash 8, and once I get the hang of ActionScript, I'll start working on my first project.

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